Marines In Combat

PFC Bernard Elissagary, a BAR gunner and consummate collector with Company A, 1/24th Marines,  augmented his scrapbooks of souvenirs and personal photographs with these professionally-shot pictures of the Pacific war. Packets of these photographs were available for mass purchase after the war. None have captions, however many are recognizable from popular publications, and a number are quite famous.

If you have any information or official captions corresponding to the photographs shown here, please email the webmaster.


Many of these pictures illustrate the violence, horror, and in some cases the callousness that was adopted by American troops fighting against the Japanese. They are presented exactly as a veteran of that fighting chose to remember it – as an uncensored look at the true nature of combat in the 1940s.

2 thoughts on “Marines In Combat

  1. Hello Geoffrey: The photo of the Marine sitting on the tree trunk with his head down and weeping was taken by my father, Stanley Troutman. I have the newspaper proof sheet with the following caption: Luzon – “This battle-worn Marine weeps from sheer fatigue as he rests briefly on a fallen tree trunk after he and fellow Leathernecks had wrested Hill 200, overlooking Peleliu Airport, from the Japs in some of the bitterest fighting encountered by the Yanks in the Pacific. Photo by Stanley Troutman, NEA-ACME Newspictures, war correspondent for the war picture pool.” Gayle R.

  2. Hello. I believe my grandfather must have purchased a pack of photographs as you mention above as I have copies of at least 5 photos presented here, along with many others not included here. Most of the photos that belong to him are not captioned (they’re just numbered), however, the photo above named “enemydead9” has “Saipain” written on the back.

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