War Stories

Nobody can tell the stories of the First Battalion as well as the men who served. Whether talking to combat correspondents while the battles raged, writing their own personal memoirs, or reminiscing to interviewers many decades later, the veterans tried to explain the unexplainable as plainly as they could, with fascinating results.


Saipan Under Fire
Pamphlet published by Frederic A. Stott in 1945.
Transcribed from a copy in the webmaster’s collection.

Ten Days On Iwo Jima
Article from Leatherneck Magazine, 1945,

Angel On My Shoulder
by John C. Pope
(external link to buy book)

Wartime News

Marine Corporal Franklin C. Robbins In Successful Attack On Namur Island Helps Clean Out Japanese Pillboxes
by Staff Sgt. Dick Tenelly, USMC Combat Correspondent, 1944.

The Death of Steve Hopkins
by various AP correspondents, 1944


The Fighting Fourth of World War II
by Alva R. Perry, Company A
(external link)

The War To End All Wars Didn’t
by Arthur W. Nichols, Company B

The Lawyer Who Went To War
Interview with Colonel Irving “Buck” Schechter, Company A
Conducted by Henry Berry, 1982.
Buy the book “Semper Fi, Mac: Living Memories of the U. S. Marines in WWII.

Little Doc Dick
Interview with Lieutenant Richards P. Lyon, Battalion Surgeon
Conducted by the webmaster, 2013-2014.



Robert L. Williams  Edward Curylo Arthur T. LaPorte Keith M. Little
a_williams b_curylo portrait c_laporte km_little_interview
Company A Company B Company C HQ Company
“In My Own Words”
Veteran’s History Project
New York State Military Museum
1998 & 2005
Veteran’s History Project
Robert E. Tierney Herbert B. Newman Mike Mervosh Venon H. Ison
a_tierney b_newman c_mervosh b_ison
Company A Company B Company C Companies D / B / HQ
Veteran’s History Project
Veteran’s History Project C-Span (in two parts)
Veteran’s History Project
Alva R. Perry, Jr. Charles E. Brown &
Al Eskildsen
David C. McEwen Edward Dubeck
a_perry b_cbrown c_mcewen a_dubeck
Company A Company B Company C Companies D / A
2005 & 2001
WTVP: Interesting People
Veteran’s History Project Veteran’s History Project
Jim Chavers William T. Quinn
chavers_maui xz_nopic
Company A HQ Company
WSAV3 “The Greatest Generation”
“Heroes of Iwo Jima”


One thought on “War Stories

  1. My father John J Zink was a survivor of the 4th Marines C company Iwo Jima campaign. I have a Japanese battle flag (like the ones pictured) my father returned with as a souvenir. He never really talked about it ..

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