Corpsmen of 1/24, happy to be alive at the end of Iwo Jima. Photo by battalion assistant surgeon, Lt. (j.g.) Richards Lyon.


View individual biographies of First Battalion’s corpsmen.


hq_shiring hq_porter hq_wjbaker LyonsMaui xz_nopic
Francis J.
Richard C.
William J.
Richards P.
James G.
September 21, 1942 –
December 31, 1943
Asst. Surgeon
November 10, 1943 –
December 31, 1943
January 1, 1944 –
May 10, 1945
Asst. Surgeon
December 31, 1943 –
December 13, 1944
Asst. Surgeon
December 13, 1944 –
May 10, 1945
May 10, 1945 –
End Of War
Asst. Surgeon
May 6, 1945 –
End Of War


Campaign Landing Strength Killed Wounded Sick
(Not Returned)
Total Percent
Namur 33 0 0 0 0 0%
Saipan 40 1 16 2 19 48%
Tinian 26 5 1 o 6 23%
Iwo Jima 39 5 14 0 19 49%


Decorations shown were awarded for service with First Battalion, 24th Marines.
Posthumous awards are noted in italics.
Campaign Navy Cross Silver Star Legion of Merit Bronze Star Commendation Ribbon
Namur Jacob M. Gottlieb
Ben R. Flores
Saipan William J. Baker
Samuel B. Murrell
Maurice A. Tellier
Francis B. Munski Walter E. Dodd
Jacob M. Gottlieb
Alfonso A. Guerra
Vermoine V. Klauss
John P. Offer
Tinian William E. Nizzardi
Raymond K. Robey
Charles A. Hearn, Jr.
Francis G. Felicia
Iwo Jima Ralph W.  Thomas Virgil D. Deets
Maurice D. Savidge
John S. Schmid
Richard C. Porter Ellsworth L. Blanchard
Samuel Blumstein
Donald E. Carlson
Walter E. Dodd
Richard Ervin
Bennie Evans
Ben R. Flores
Robert M. Haynes
Vermoine V. Klauss
Anthony Marquez
Ronald E. Millhiser
Howard P. Nowoc
William D. Ogden
Carl L. Zaar
Martin Middlewood
Francis G. Felicia
* Note: Because no comprehensive list of these awards is known to exist, this category is incomplete.

3 thoughts on “Corpsmen

  1. My uncle serviced in the Marine Corps as a Pharmacist Mate from 1919-1941. I have tried to locate his records, but have not been successful. His last address: 1966 Jacksonville, FL. His name: Edward F. Bowman. I would appreciate any information.

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