Company HQ

This group ran the actual company, while the officers of the Headquarters Section ran the battalion. They underwent some minor shuffling in the spring of 1944.

Series D Company Headquarters (1943 – March 1944)
Company Commander (Lieutenant)
First Sergeant
Mess Sergeant (Staff Sergeant)
Supply & Property NCO (Sergeant)
Company Clerk (Corporal)
Field Cook
Assistant Cook
Field Music Corporal
Field Music First Class
Barber (Private/PFC)
Junior Clerk (Private/PFC)
Cobbler (Private/PFC)
Three Other Duties (Private/PFC)

Total Personnel: One officer, fourteen enlisted.

Series F Company Headquarters (March 1944 – 1945)

Company Commander (Captain)
First Sergeant
Master Technical Sergeant
Company Sergeant (Gunnery Sergeant)
Carpenter (Sergeant)
Decontamination (Sergeant)
Two Field Cooks
Two Assistant Cooks
Two Field Musics

Total Personnel: One officer, eleven enlisted.

The information contained herein is based on the GHQ Table of Organization & Equipment #3, 1994.

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