Paul Treitel’s Textbook


Paul Treitel at the US Naval Academy, 1940.

When Paul Stanton Treitel retired after a long Marine Corps career, he had much to look back upon. Training troops for Fleet Marine Force Atlantic; three successful battles with the 23rd Marines and one, admittedly less successful, as CO of 1/24; the distinction of running one of the first training courses for female Marines; all the way back to receiving his commission as a second lieutenant in 1940. Before all of that, though, Treitel was a student at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

All images from the 1940 “Lucky Bag” yearbook, US Naval Academy.

Although his heart was set on the Marine Corps, Treitel was still expected to complete the classwork of a naval officer. As an upperclassman in 1940, he carried around dozens of textbooks full of complicated calculations and intricate diagrams. One of these was “Principles of Warship Construction and Damage Control.” Treitel’s personal copy contains his notes and calculations in the margins, as well as a pamphlet on the “art of bilge diving.”

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