A Niche In History

The New York Daily News ran this photograph on 17 April 1945. Eli Plotnick was a kid from Queens, a son of Solomon and Anna Plotnick. The family business was wholesale neckwear, designed by Solomon and sold by the oldest boys, William and Murray, while Eli and Lillian attended school. Eli joined the Marine Corps … More A Niche In History

Graphic Images

The unseen war is preserved in a series of shoebox-sized containers. It’s easy to imagine them in storage at the National Archives & Records Administration facility in College Park, Maryland. One pictures gray cardboard filing boxes stacked to the ceiling in ordered rows, like the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The researcher … More Graphic Images

Concluding Flintlock

Volunteers with shovels turned out early on February 5, 1944. They faced a long day in the cemetery. Most were eager to get to work, having learned much from two days of experience. Too many discomforts rose with the sun – the temperature, the smell, the buzzing of ten million flies. The only shade outside of … More Concluding Flintlock

Taking A Breather

Spencer Porter sends in this interesting (and, to me at least, previously unseen) photo taken on Namur. His father, Sergeant Horace I. Porter, is standing behind the tree stump, at the center of attention for this little group. The photographer isn’t known; this shot may have graced the cover of Stars & Stripes although Spencer cautions … More Taking A Breather