George D. Webster’s Photos

1942 – 1945

Captain Webster in 1944, coming back from Roi-Namur.
Captain Webster in 1944, coming back from Roi-Namur.

When Captain George Webster reported for duty as the executive officer of Company D, First Separate Battalion (Reinforced) in 1943, he had nearly eighteen months experience as a leader of Marines, most of it earned in the Canal Zone. He was well suited to the task; within eight months, he was advanced to the role of company commander. This versatile officer held a wide variety of posts within the battalion – when his original company was disbanded, Webster took over the headquarters unit, then assumed a second role as battalion intelligence officer literally on the eve of the invasion of Saipan. In the Marianas, he earned his first Bronze Star, his Purple Heart, and his promotion to major. Webster took command of the regimental weapons company for Iwo Jima, until a mid-battle command shakeup in his old 1/24 caused him to take over as the battalion’s XO. By the end of the war, Webster was the permanent XO of 3/24, and added a second Bronze Star to his list of achievements.

World War II was just the beginning of Webster’s career. He served at various stateside posts during the Korean War, did a first tour in Vietnam as an intelligence officer for U.S. Military Assistance Command, and returned in 1968 as assistant commander of the 1st Marine Division. During this second tour, he also led Task Force X-Ray. His last post, prior to his retirement in 1971, was as commander of MCB Quantico.

Brigadier General Webster passed away in 1992, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

All photos kindly provided by the General’s son, George Webster.

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