Charles L. Tackett’s Photos

FEBRUARY 27, 1945 – JUNE 13, 1945

“CL” Tackett was inducted into the Marine Corps in May, 1944. Rushed through training at Parris Island and Camp Lejeune, Private Tackett found himself heading for Hawaii as a member of the 30th Replacement Draft, and then sailing across the Pacific with the Fourth Marine Division. His destination was the island of Iwo Jima.

Tackett was one of a handful of men assigned to Company A, First Battalion, 24th Marines at the very end of February, 1945. He had almost no time to get to know his new buddies; his company was deployed to the Meat Grinder on March 1, and for the next four days his attention was solely focused on staying alive. He would remember only parts of his time on Iwo – a friend shot through the head as they ate rations, dropping grenades into foxholes full of young Japanese men – before he was wounded and evacuated on March 5.

Private Tackett returned to Company A on April 12, 1945. For two months at Camp Maui, he trained for the next invasion – training he should have received before being flung into combat in the first place. That June, he was transferred to a barracks company at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard, where he served out the rest of his enlistment.

These photos are believed to have been taken in 1945, in locations ranging from Iwo Jima to Camp Maui to the streets of Honolulu. Unfortunately, with one exception, the locations and names of men shown here have not survived.

All images on this page are courtesy of Russell Tackett, CL’s grandson.

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