Amos Owen’s Photos

1942 – 1945

Pharmacist’s Mate First Class Owen, 1945. The photo and ID tag were found in an abandoned home in New Hampshire in 2019. Courtesy Bill Powers.

Amos Owen was working as an electrician in his hometown of Conesville, Iowa when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Three months later, the 32-year-old Owen was in the Navy – not, surprisingly, plying his trade but in hospital school. He would serve as a corpsman for the next three years, first with CUB-12 in San Bruno, California, and then overseas with the V Amphibious Corps. Casualties from Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima were all under his care.

“Doc” Owen would join First Battalion, 24th Marines in the closing days of the war at Camp Maui, and receive his honorable discharge in December of 1945.

The photos shown here were found in an abandoned home in Newton, New Hampshire, that once belonged to Amos and his wife Hazel. We are actively seeking Owen’s family members – if you are a relative or know the family, please contact the webmaster.

All pictures are provided courtesy of Bill Powers.

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