They Will Make An Actor Out Of Me Yet.


Dear Grandaddy,

How are you? We are fine. We just had a visit from Uncle Ham and Aunt Kit. I found out that I am going to be in the Christmas Play. It’s going to be December 5, 1929. Mother says that they (Mrs. Bean and Mr. Hopkins) will make an actor out of me yet. Mother or Daddy may have told you about my new bike. It is a Spalding bike. Mother or Daddy Longlegs might have told you also that I went to four Halloween partys. I gave one myself. I was dressed as a Turk, with a sword and clothing counting the mustach. Daddy Longlegs is not going to be home at nights for a week.

Your Grandson

The Brat
(Who looks like you)

Editor’s Notes:
This letter was saved by one of Phil Junior’s grandfathers–who noted, in proud capital letters, MY GRANDSON! He was about nine years old at the time. “Daddy Longlegs” – Philip Senior–would not be home for days at a time due to his work as an actor in New York City.


Phil Wood, age about nine, with his younger sister Gretchen and mother Margaretta–the future “Dear Girls.”


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