83: Such Strong Faith In People.


Dear Mrs. Wood,

I am so glad that my letter has arrived and that it is so welcome. As you know I thought as much of Phil as any man that I have ever known. And I was not alone in that feeling! I am sorry you have had so little direct word–it’s due to casualties among friends, distances involved, and censorships which prohibits such letters until we have been assured that the next of kin have notification.

I would that I could do something concerning the government and the pension.[1] Maybe time will eventually result in some action, and I know how Phil would feel, though he would never grieve in public. He had such strong faith in people and in their ultimate goodness.

Sgt. Ervin’s wife’s address is:

Mrs. Odina Ervin
644 West Avenue
Los Angeles 28–Calif.[2]

I should like to hear from either you or Phil’s sister whenever you would like to write. And when and if I return, be assured that I shall come see you.


Fred Stott


[1] Like all servicemen, Phil had a $10,000 life insurance policy. Margaretta may have had some difficulties with the red tape, although this is not known for certain.
[2] After hearing of Arthur Ervin’s sacrifice, Margaretta wrote to several officers to obtain Odina’s address. She doubtless sent a letter; whether she received a reply is unknown.

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