74: Scrambled And A Little Blurred.

7 June 44
Just a little further at sea

Dear Girls,

All very much the same–the days and waves slide by–alike as peas in a pod. Funny though, all the elements of preparation, worry are here as they were last time, but they seem scrambled and a little blurred–vague feelings that I’ve done and felt this before dull the edges of feeling and make confused sensations–dreamlike–lying languid under the torpor of the tropic sun. Having to make a positive effort to have time pass by­–and yet, not exactly anxious that we should reach our objective.

Boswell has been a big help. I’ve become quite involved in the details of Johnsoniana and it’s well worth the physical labor of turning thru 1500 pages. I wish I had War & Peace, Lee’s Lieutenants or a few of that genre. This is the time and place to tackle those boys.

I hope you took my polemic on the WACs just seriously enough to stay out of it–spend your patriotic fervor on writing a big pile of letters for when I get them next.



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