71: Telling The Tale Of The Next One.

26 May[1]

Dear Stew,

Thank you ever so much for the complements on my letter about Namur–Mother sent your letter on to me.

I appreciate, very sincerely, your willingness to help Mother have it published, but I am really quite surprised that you think it worth the effort. I didn’t intend it be complete–it’s just a bunch of notes, touching on things but not explaining them. It was dashed off–it’s a letter not an article. I know I could do a much better job, if I had had this object in mind. In fact I would like very much, perhaps not on Namur since that is pretty nearly ancient history now, but telling the tale of the next one.

However if you think that there is anything to it, Stew, that alone is very flattering­–you may go ahead with it if you think it worthwhile. The “obvious reasons” were censorship, but the Navy Department in Washington could certainly handle that. The only personal reason would be that I would be a little ashamed of it, I think it inadequate.

Congratulations, sir, on your lieutenant-colonelcy.[2] I remember Jo telling me that you were to go in as a Captain–that seemed an unattainable height then, but by the time it has gotten within my reach you have jumped way beyond my ken. I’m glad that your back is better, as it must be to permit promotion.

Give a big hunk of my love to Jo and to Judy–she must have grown so by now that I don’t think I would recognize her. It’s been almost four years now since I argued pacifism with Charlie Gleaves.

Thanks again for bothering with it.



[1] Letter addressed to Lt. Col. Stewart Beach, 1134 North Harrison Street, Arlington VA.
[2] Beach was serving with the U.S. Army in Washington.

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