56: Much Nicer Girls.

26 March

Dear Girls,

I would have written the last few days had there been anything to tell you–honest I would. My biggest worry now is that you are worried–not having gotten any of my letters since I arrived here, apparently–I hope to John you have by now, for I’ve written often and long. I don’t blame you, because a gap of a couple weeks is a long time, and I repeat again–and again–just how important letters are since I’ve been out here–mail call is the focal point of every day.

Had a little accident the other day playing tackle football in a rocky field–broke a rib and have been taped up for four days.[1] The slight pain is gone but my tummy itches–it wasn’t anywhere near serious enough to put me to bed, dammit. I could use a couple of days of resting and sleeping.

Last liberty went down to the Army hospital with Joe Swoyer & Fireball, and we got dates with some Army nurses.[2] We brought beer–three cases of it–and they brought food and we had a picnic out in the meadow. We really had a hell of a lot of fun–they are much nicer girls than the Navy nurses I dated at Pendleton–more well bred, more natural.[3] Funny, Joe Swoyer’s mother & father met in the Army too–she was a nurse, he too was born Sept. 1920.[4] For some reason his stomach was fouled up on the picnic, and it resulted in his making smells–awful, tremendous ones. Fireball & I didn’t know where they were coming from–we couldn’t get Joe alone to discuss it, but we suspected the plainer of the three girls–apparently by mutual but silent agreement we left the area–smoked out! Fire & I just had enough beer to giggle about it think it the funniest thing in the world. So we went to the kitchen–

Got to fall out-assembly.

Love Phil


[1] Sports related injuries were common, even for the non-athletic. In addition to the broken ribs, Phil sustained a broken nose in the service thanks to an overly enthusiastic judo partner.
[2] Fred “Fireball” Stott, from HQ Company.
[3] Navy nurses were all officers, and behaved as such–often to the dismay of their dates. Army nurses, who might be enlisted rates, were generally more relaxed and informal.
[4] Phil Wood Senior and Margaretta Rapp met under similar circumstances. Joe Swoyer was born August 15, 1920.

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