54: Naturally Suspicious Of Marines.

15 March

Dear Girls,

See–when I told you I was too busy at Pendleton to write, I usually was–here I have time, thus lots of letters.

Really P.O. (mad) about last night. Didn’t go to the movies, and they had For Whom The Bell Tolls–missed Ingrid and all I won was $2.[1]

Liberty tomorrow but I think that instead of going in town I’ll take a hike up in the hills–I enjoy this country that much. There is really little to do in town–especially since so many of the town natives are part Japanese, and naturally suspicious of Marines, especially drunk ones.

This is the second money order, totaling $150 now–let me know if you’re getting them. I’d just as soon you put part of it in War Bonds–I can always cash them in if I want to, and you get a higher interest rate there–or maybe they will be frozen, and I would want the cash–do what you think best Mother. And use what you need of it. There’ll be more coming along soon. These games go every night.



[1] An unusually current movie for the Pacific Theater–passing up Ingrid Bergman’s first color film only to come up short in your poker game was irritating indeed.

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