48: Expect To Go, Sooner Or Later.

3 March[1]

Dear Girls,

Got a package–Valentine–from Uncle Ham & Aunt Kit containing one (1) foxhole pillow. The thought was wonderful; I wouldn’t be without it for the world–except in combat. Nine-tenths of all things put up especially for servicemen are useless, but expensive.

That is really too bad about Cy–I feel the same as Weyer about it–the boys around me more or less expect to go, sooner or later–or are mentally prepared for it, anyway. But you think of your state-side buddies as being secured where you last saw them–Yale or Swarthmore–and half expect to go back and find them there–I was very fond of Cy.[2]

All my love–I wish I could be home for a week or two, then back out here–but I must be content with your pictures.

Your Phil


[1] On V-Mail.
[2] The same recently-married Cy whom Phil visited in San Diego the previous year.

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