26: All Sorts Of Rumors.


Dear Mother,

No word yet from you as to whether you are definitely coming out. I certainly hope you can though, dear. Today I got the sudden fear that my wire miscarried–I know from horrible experience that that can happen–if it did, I said yes, but to come the weekend of the 5th June–and let me know just when & on what train you’re coming because there are all sorts of rumors to the effect that we are pulling out of here soon and I’d want to get in touch with you if that happened. And the house–the number has gone up to four others besides myself. I’d want you up there for a time, but not all the while you’re here–it wouldn’t be fair to them, but there is a very nice hotel a lot closer–by about 40 miles in fact, and I will be able to get a lot of time off, though not a leave. Marriage & sickness are classed as emergencies, but little else.

I will get all weekends and two or three nights a week, and you’ll love California. And I’ll love showing it to you, and love seeing you, we will do a lot of palling around together in those weeks and it will be a wonderful change for you­–I only wish Gretchen could come too. It’s too bad that her job is going on the rocks, but I don’t worry about it–she’ll have ten more in a week.

I saw Cy and Anne last week down at San Diego–he is just the same only a little quieter–she is just what we all expected–a little too prim and will nag him someday.[1] But they are in love, and seem very happy, thank God.

Still no letter from Rusty, but I wrote her today.

Isn’t that wonderful about Kitsy?[2] Aunt Kit wrote me and she was tickled to death of course. The more we all see of the Woods the better I like it–they are great folks.

No word from any of the Rapps yet, just as well though.

Write prompt Mother–and let me know all the details. I’ll be waiting for you.


This un-captioned photo from Margretta's album may show Phil's house in the hills–a honeymoon home converted into a weekend BOQ.
This un-captioned photo from Margretta’s album may show Phil’s house in the hills–a honeymoon home converted into a weekend BOQ.


[1] Unknown acquaintances.
[2] Phil’s cousin, Katherine L. “Kitsy” Wood, recently received her acceptance to Swarthmore.

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