18: Too Bad About Al.

Monday night[1]

Dear Girls,

This 50 [dollars] is just part of my balance for the month, with the allotment & all taken out I still have 40 clear in my pocket–and about a $10 mess bill–I think the Marine Corps is losing money on me hand over fist. But it doesn’t worry me–really it doesn’t.

There seems to be a possibility of a leave in perhaps 3 weeks, for about a week–if I get it, and I may not, on account of these court-martial duties. Then I will come to New York in all probability–in fact surely. And have Rusty come on there. But don’t plan on it, because I’m not at all sure of it, and won’t be able to find out for perhaps another week.

I’m in my room here at Paradise Point–and it really is wonderful; the only hitch is that the battalion will probably stay in Tent City–my mailing address is still there of course–and I can only make it over here on weekends–it’s 15 miles as the Jeep flies.[2] Incidentally we have plenty of them, and run around in them all the time–they are swell–all the stories are true, too, about their capacities.

Just got weighed and I’m 150–so I’ve gained 12 pounds since I’ve been in the Corps–and not quite all of it between the ears, either.

Too bad about Al going, Gretch, but nothing could have pleased him more–and that about the grandmother and the pin sounds good to me.[3] Seems as though she ought to have worn a fine lace shawl and told you about Al’s didoes as a child–did she?[4]



[1] Date unknown
[2] In its early days, Camp Lejeune was often called Tent City–in its early days, most structures were simply canvas tents. More permanent structures, such as the officer’s housing at Paradise Point, sprang up while the First Separate Battalion was training.
[3] Al Tate finally managed to enlist in the Army. He became a special agent with the 210th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment in the Philippines.
[4] “didoes”–mischievous tricks or antics.

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