11. I Long For Peace.


Dear Girls,

The enclosed a little more than half of Sunday’s game–1/3 of the weekend profit. So financially I’m doing OK. $150 in the bank, remainder of my uniform bill $180–I’ve paid $100, and $100 yet to come to me on a gratuity for it. But in a lot of ways I’m getting fed up with this place. Preparing, preparing–getting jittery with all of this at times, and would like to get out and put it into practice. Spend a lot of time thinking about it of course, and have come to no conclusions except that I long for peace. More that I ever thought I would hope for something that I couldn’t get myself. Oh well.

Rusty’s coming on the first & second weekends in November in all probability, which will leave the last three weekends for you all.

No marks yet but they’re coming out soon.


Editor’s Notes:
The regularity of Phil’s correspondence drops off dramatically in the second half of Reserve Officers’ Class; this is generally, as he will later state, an indication of “busy-ness.” Students still sweated over their books and field problems–one of the most interesting being a week-long trip to Manassas, Virginia to study the tactics of Lee and Jackson and practice maneuvering around a real–albeit dated–battlefield.

Phil is also more than ready for Rusty’s visit–since their summer plans fell through, he has not seen his girlfriend in several months, and the distance between Quantico and Indianapolis seemed very great indeed.



[1] Date unknown, presumably in October, 1942. Written on Quantico stationery.

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