Eyewitness To Saipan

The internet can be a wonderful place; you search for one thing, you find another.

While researching for a man on the MissingMarines roster, I noticed an unusual but familiar name. Pennock “Penn” Bowen was a radio operator with 1/24, and from the sound of his recollections, he might well have been assigned to Company A. What really grabbed my attention was his reference to the “English-speaking prisoner” who led the patrol from Company A into the ambush. Of course, this has to be the July 5 patrol action led by my ancestor, 1Lt. Philip E. Wood Jr.

Alas, “Penn” passed away in 2003 – but if any of his family happen to find this post, please get in touch!

This article ran in a newsletter titled “Our Town” published by the Narbeth (PA) Civic Association on 27 July 1944. Full text of the paper is available for free at archive.org.


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