It has been a long eighteen months, but regular updates will resume soon.

Mostly, because I’ve finished this.


More to come, as we approach the 71st anniversary of 1Lt. Philip E. Wood Jr.’s patrol.

Semper Fi.

PS: If you’ve ever wondered what the webmaster might look like, and more specifically what he might look like while representing the Fourth Marine Division at commencement, well, wonder no longer. (No, it is not his best angle. Yes, he knows.)


5 thoughts on “Returning.

  1. Congrats, fellow M.A. holder!! I know just how much work it is to receive such a diploma, so my hats off to you and your efforts. Keep fighting the good fight preserving the memories of these great Marines.

    1. Thanks, Jake! It was a long road, but one I’m glad I (finally) took. Learned a lot, so now the older sections of the site need… updating. Good thing there’s no due date for this. What was your MA?


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