First Battalion, 24th Marines

The history of the men of 1/24 in World War II and beyond

Welcome Aboard

This research site (located long ago at is dedicated to the men who served with First Battalion, 24th Marines from 1943 to 1945. Nearly 3,000 Marines and Navy corpsmen served with 1/24 in its various incarnations from the First Separate Battalion through the end of the war, all with their own stories and legacies.

Unfortunately, because because this is a one-man operation (run concurrently with my other site, Missing Marines) updates take a long time to complete! Many links aren’t working yet; biographies must be fully researched from often sparse records, and the stories of familiar battles told from a new perspective.

If you’re searching for information on a relative or particular individual, please contact me–either in page comments, or by email–and I’ll send along what I know. Also, I welcome contributions of stories and photographs (with attributions, of course) as well as corrections and updates (I do make mistakes!) so don’t be shy.

Otherwise, please enjoy this tribute to the Marines who served with Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog, and HQ Companies of the First Battalion, 24th Marines, Fighting Fourth Marine Division during World War Two.

Thank you, and Semper Fi.



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